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    Chokehold releases Clipmax free hard/ brickwall audio clipper plugin


    Chokehold has announced the release of Clipmax, a free hard/ brickwall audio clipper effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

    It’s just a pretty basic clipper, nothing fancy or spectacular, but it’s my first and I guess you gotta start somewhere. And hey, it’s free. And low on CPU. And cross-platform. And multi-format. And 32/64 bits. And skinnable.

    Most clippers I’ve come across so far have worked one of two ways: you either pushed the gain up until the input hit the ceiling, or you brought the ceiling down onto the signal and then raised the output to make up for the volume loss.
    With this one, you can do both. Or just one.

    It has Auto Gain Compensation that doesn’t just “boost what was cut” to make everything as loud as hell, but it should rather keep the perceived volume fairly close to what the un-clipped signal originally had. Not working quite as expected yet, but it’s safe and usable and not too bad.

    The clipping and Auto Gain happen before the Post Gain, so watch out how far you turn the Post Gain up, we don’t want ugly surprises.

    Clipmax is available as native 32/64-bit AU/VST2/VST3 plugin and it runs on OSX 10.7 or newer and Windows 7 or newer. Clipmax comes with 4 skins.

    More info:

    Clipmax free hard/ brickwall audio clipper plugin

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