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    Bitsonic intros Violent Transient free VST effect


    Bitsonic has announced the release of Violent Transient, a free 32-bit VST effect plugin for Windows.

    In acoustics and audio, a transient is a high amplitude, short-duration sound at the beginning of a waveform that occurs in phenomena such as musical sounds, noises or speech. It can sometimes contain a high degree of non-periodic components and a higher magnitude of high frequencies than the harmonic content of that sound. Transients do not necessarily directly depend on the frequency of the tone they initiate. Which is better?

    If the sound has high/great transients or not? Usually, it’s better if the tone has trainsents. For example with the kick it’s important for the sound to not only chug in deep frequency, but also slap. If the sound doesn’t have enough transient, there are some ways to correct the sound. The first is to mix the original sound with a short-term high frequency sound. The second way is to higher the first note for a little time. The first part of the violent plugin series works with the latter. The adjustment options are likely to a compressor, but the result is different. Important: Do not use the Transient after the compressor in the effect chain! The best way when the plugin is the first.

    Audio demo:

    Violent Transient comes in an installer, the first version of it (few days ago) had a strange behaviour, I wasn’t able to locate the plugin with FL Studio. The current version works fine, that’s why I decided to share the news with all of you, yes with a little delay.

    The plugin is useful to add dynamism in your music, especially to enhance drum patterns, percussion rhythms, guitar riffs etc., the result being realistic and lively.

    Violent Transient is available for free and instant download via Bitsonic’s Facebook fan page. Since there are some glitches with its ‘like to download’ app, you can download the plugin in this Facebook post here.

    More info:

    Violent Transient free VST effect

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