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    10 free Toxic Biohazard presets by Music Sensation released


    Music Sensation has released a collection of 10 free Toxic Biohazard presets– as a response to those who think this virtual synth by Image Line isn’t capable to generate useful sounds for today’s music.

    All of them are made with Toxic Biohazard and are the living proof that this plug-in is capable of wonderful things!

    The sounds that I am going to give you are very unique and I’m sure you are going to enjoy them. This is why I created this blog under the sign of music sensation.

    Because I want to make sensation in music! Real music is pure sensation. It makes you feel in a certain way, and it transmits you certain emotions. It is also a language.

    Video demo:

    If you ask me, the presets sound solid, I can clearly see that they we’re handpicked and deep reviewed before publishing. Going through their sophisticated names, the sounds can be labelled as bread and butter sounds, a reminiscent of popular hardware workstations.

    But, head over to Music Sensation blog, download the free Toxic Biohazard presets, then enter the debate: can Toxic Biohazard rival the well-known commercial softsynths from the market?

    More info:

    10 free Toxic Biohazard presets by Music Sensation

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    1. I just started producing music and i really like your blog man.
      amazing samples, and other attachments keep up the good work.

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