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    Win one of three Looperator effect plugins by Sugar Bytes + review


    Today we have the honor to review Looperator, the latest effect sequencer plugin from Sugar Bytes. With this review, we will provide 3 activation codes for three lucky winners. Please read this review and find out how to participate.

    In a brief description, Looperator is a tool to cut, randomize or process your loops. Beyond these things, Looperator, used properly, is a new approach in the process of musical creation.

    Looperator is the newest product from Sugar Bytes, a company based in Berlin, well known for its innovative products. With a user-friendly and modern design, this effect sequencer lets you manipulate any audio material in endless ways.

    First of all, keep in mind that Looperator is an effect plugin, it loads like any other effect plugin in the mixer channel. It does not generate any sound, it just applies effects, alters, creates sequences or synchronizes cuts in any audio material, especially loops. To be effected, the loop in question must be assigned in the mixer channel where Looperator is loaded.

    In detail

    The Look

    looperator-lookAt first impression, Looperator has a glossy type interface with large and visible fonts, with a well-chosen color scheme and very explanatory icons- just by their simplicity.

    At the top, we have a syncronization host tempo button (which is by default turned on).

    Then follows an area where you can select the size of the steps that you want to edit and add effects to them.

    In the middle, we see the presets menu with the save button in the right- click it and discover a collection of well-designed presets that show in a neat way, the power of this plugin. Presets are distributed in folders, each with representative names. There are 10 groups in total, plus a folder for user presets.

    Next in line is the undo, redo and initialize buttons.

    Roll the dice!

    The last button on the top is for randomization- represented by dice. We know many plugins that come with this type of button, but Looperator brings the randomization to a whole new level.

    When we have six approaches available, spinning the dice means fun: Smart, which sits effects in a balanced and effective way, Space– makes use only of delay and reverb and creates spatial effects, Single mode chooses one type of random effects per track, Randolf pushes the randomness more, so every replay of the loop will be different, Tieland which links the same type of effects on several steps and finally Random Track which adds the same category of effects on each track but with different parameters.

    Each level of randomization can be explored in a Monophonic mode, which forces to layer only one type of effects per track.

    Looperator at work

    Main work area

    The main work area features six tracks, each of which being a bank for a plenty of assignable effects on each of the 16 steps. Sounds difficult, but once you get in depth, you will see how simple is all the job.

    On top of each slice step, there is a handy waveform representation which is updated in real time, depending on the effect you are applying.

    But let’s explore in depth each track, especially since each has its own personality:

    • The first track is called Slice and allows you to choose to repeat any of the slices. Click on any of the slices and select the number of respective sequence.
    • The second track is Loop and as the name suggests, allows you to loop any slice in a suite of rhythms, repetitions and fade out / ins.
    • The Env track takes care of envelopes. From linear attack to slopped wobbles, slow release to silence- each slice can be treated differently.
    • The fourth track, Filter, adds a number of different instances of filter effects including high-pass, low-pass and vowels.
    • We arrive at the dedicated user area, the last two tracks- FX1, which brings delay, tape stops, distortion and tonal delay and FX2, with reverb, vinyl, time freeze and phaser.

    Each track can be controlled by volume and again, there is a dice on the right side of each channel for more and more fun.

    Playing with Looperator

    looperator-flsLooperator look good in FL Studio, huh? :)

    In the first example, I loaded FPC, I added some drum samples and tried to create a beat as flat as possible. Listen to the beat below:

    [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”yes” overflow=”visible”][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=”1_1″ background_position=”left top” background_color=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” spacing=”yes” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” padding=”” margin_top=”0px” margin_bottom=”0px” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_direction=”left” hide_on_mobile=”no” center_content=”no” min_height=”none”]

    In the following example, here is how it sounds in conjunction with Looper (I used Fast and Slow preset from Scratching folder):

    The same loop with preset Monster Police 2 applied, located in the Destruction folder:

    In the second example, we loaded a synthloop into playlist:

    And here are two more examples of same loop with Looperator at work:

    Final words

    Looperator is very pleasant to work with, as often (or always) you can not predict the final result. It is a perfect tool to rearrange your grooves, to rethink musical arrangements, revitalize the drum loops and especially to add variations and new elements in a song.

    It is highly recommended for EDM productions, breaks, hip hop beats or experimental music. For amateurs, the surprise factor makes this effect plugin an unlimited source of inspiration and once it reaches the hands of experts, it turns into a reliable aid.


    For this competition, the kind guys at Sugar Bytes gave us three coupon codes to offer them as prizes for three FLSM readers.

    Please use the widget below, to enter the simple competition (Facebook account and/or email address log-in options).

    Once you have successfully logged in, you’ll notice three tasks (visit Sugar Bytes on Facebook, visit Looperator product page and tweet about this competition); as I mentioned, they are not mandatory, but if you complete the three steps, your chances of winning are increased.

    The competition ends on Sunday, January 25th (12 AM GMT). Next day, we will choose three winners, one copy of Looperator for each. Good luck!

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