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    Win a copy of Organic Drum Kit by Xclusive Audio


    The guys at Xclusive Audio are giving away one FLSM reader a copy of Organic Drum Kit, a pack featuring a vast collection of one shot drums and percussions, drum & percussion loops and Maschine kits.

    The Organic Drum Kit is aimed at hip hop, pop, urban, R&B dance producers etc in search for drum and percussion sounds with character, warmth, and depth- delivered in pro-studio quality.

    So what is the “Organic” drum library all about? Breakthrough recording and processing techniques used to capture the “perfect” drum sound – helping prevent muddy low-frequency and harsh high-frequency build-up. Analog processing for character, warmth, and depth and pro-studio quality. Each sample precision hand-edited for perfect attacks and smooth decays. The end result is…. Drums with WARMTH, DEPTH, CLARITY & PUNCH.

    Packed with hard hitting kicks, snappy and perfectly tuned snares, crispy and sharp hi hats, authentic claps and percussions, this kit will make your music stand out. The percussions section is a showcase of different takes and variations, from hand drums, cajon boxes, metallic hits to ethnic bongos, skin slaps (!), woods, shaker sets and much more.

    I wanted to present a detailed list of the sounds included, but I will say frankly, this kit is so detailed, that just gave me headaches :) . Therefore, I will limit myself to put below the official list published on the product page.


    • 150 Pounding Kicks
    • 115 Creative Snares
    • 80 Authentic Claps
    • 90 Open & Closed Hi-Hats
    • 570 Live Percussion Samples
    • 90 Cymbals & Toms
    • 100 Original Drum Loops
    • 30 Bonus Transition FX’s
    • 22 Ready to go Maschine Kits

    Audio demos:

    Organic Drum Kit is distinguished by the wide range of sounds, which makes it a kit for everyday use, always surprising and pleasant to work with. The drum samples allow you to create convincing and powerful drum beats, while percussions add groove and naturalness.

    I declare myself extremely pleased with the way this package was designed and by the overall audio material quality.


    Xclusive Audio is giving away a free copy of Organic Drum Kit sample library. Please use the widget below, to enter the simple competition (Facebook account and/or email address log-in options).

    Once you have successfully logged in, you’ll notice another two optional steps (visit Organic Drum Kit product page and tweet about this competition); as I mentioned, they are not mandatory, but if you complete the two steps, your chances of winning are increased.

    The competition ends January 21. Next day, we will announce the winner. Good luck!

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    More info:

    Organic Drum Kit by Xclusive Audio

    HighLife Samples

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