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    Win a copy of Drum Bundle (900+ one shot samples) by ModeAudio!


    ModeAudio is celebrating the launch of its Drum Bundle, with a giveaway here on our community. At the bottom of this article, you’ll find how to enter the competition.

    Drum Bundle contains a huge selection of one shot drum samples, sound effects, drum kit sampler patches, MIDI loops and channel strips.

    In fact, you’ll get a collection of sounds that covers five bestsellers at ModeAudio. These packages are: Power Tools, Machine Attacks, Hyper Beats, Critical Mass and Drum Collider.

    With over 950 WAV samples, we are sure that Drum Bundle by ModeAudio will keep you busy (at least) until the end of this year ;) :) .

    As every modern producer knows, having a rock-solid and versatile library of drum samples is key to getting your tunes off the ground and noticed. This is exactly the reason why we simply adore creating drum sounds – from thumping, cavernous kicks to intricate, wooden rims, huge, snappy snares and soft, subtle claps right through to sharp, metallic hi hats, pin-prick percussion and beyond, our passion for crafting the ultimate drum sound shines through each and every one of our drum collections.

    It’s nothing short of a delight therefore to bring you our latest bundle release, packed as it is to bursting point with over 900 sculpted, layered, processed and road-tested drum samples – welcome to the explosive percussive power of ModeAudio Drum Bundle! From deep, 808-style tuned Trap kicks to crunchy Hip Hop bass drums, thick EDM snares, airy House claps, waves of open, mid-open and closed hi hats, snappy Techno percussion and more, this collection has what it takes to revitalise your drum sound.


    ModeAudio is giving away a free copy of Drum Bundle sample library. Please use the widget below, to enter the simple competition (Facebook account and/or email address log-in options).

    Once you have successfully logged in, you’ll notice another two optional steps (visit ModeAudio’s website and tweet about this competition); as I mentioned, they are not mandatory, but if you complete the two steps, your chances of winning are increased.

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    Competition ends on January 19, 2015 (12 AM GMT)



    More info:

    Drum Bundle by ModeAudio

    HighLife Samples

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