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    Terry West releases MHorse P3 MKII free mastering VST effect plugin


    Terry West has announced the release of MHorse P3 MKII, an improved version of its well-known analog parallel mastering processor.

    What’s new? Well the most important would be the new great DeHarsh module. It also has options to switch it to M/S processing.

    Next week you can expect a DeHarsh only plugin version. Next is the Low and High Exciters with each their own tune settings. New Vu meters with lightsoff animations :)


    • Full Bypass.
    • EQ Bypass.
    • In/Output -3dB option.
    • 3 parallel parametric (serial) equalizers.
    • 6 Q bandwidth settings per band.
    • 4 freq. for low, mid, high.
    • Boost/cut option per band.
    • Peak/LoShelf – Peak/HiShelf.
    • Loudness boost filter.
    • Combined Par/Ser EQ option (post ser).
    • Special filters: Mellow, Punch, Body and Shine (39K) modes.
    • MS Parallel Clarity processor.
    • NY Parallel Compressor.
    • NY Solo, link/unlink channels, Motown & Aural enhancer.
    • 3 bands Parallel Tape Saturator.
    • DC remover.
    • MS Parallel Stereo Widener without loss off center (3 modes).
    • CrossTalk emulator (2 modes: Vintage, Modern).
    • Low / High Exciters.
    • Unique Deharsh processor with Stereo/Mid/Side modes.
    • Old style VU meters (-60dB~+6dB).
    • VU lights on/off animation.
    • Pan peak/correlation and Source material detector meters.
    • Input/output 3-color peak leds.
    • 3-color i/o headroom leds for low, mid, high.
    • Effects energy/compress meters.
    • Parallel/Serial switch.
    • Tooltips.

    MHorse P3 MKII is available for Windows only. The download size is 7.3MB compressed.

    More info:

    MHorse P3 MKII free mastering VST effect plugin

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    1. Okay, this is awesome. I use the old MHORSE plugins for a lot of my mastering work, and I’m psyched to see an upgrade. Thank you, Terry West! =)

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