Tekvision releases 48 free samples for Neuro DnB

Tekvision has announced the release of a free sample pack featuring one shot samples, SFX and loops for Neuro DnB, but also suitable for dubstep, chillout, jungle etc.

Tekvision is a music producer from Finland “exploring the vast world of genres and sounds”.

Guys, year 2014 has been really great, all the music that has come out has been absolutely phenomenal. I think/ hope that year 2015 will be great!

In celebration of new year, and the fact that I reached 100 followers on Soundcloud recently, I’ve decided to release a free samplepack! Thanks for your support, please enjoy!

You can listen below a track by Tekvision:

The sample pack consists of one shot drum samples (kicks, snares, hats), processed percussions, synth chords, mangled foley sounds and more. All samples are in 24-bit WAV format and royalty free.

More info:

Tekvision Free Sample Pack

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