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    Syntler releases DRUMPER 1 free drum groove VSTi


    Syntler has announced the release of DRUMPER 1, a free VST instrument for creating drum beats and grooves.

    DRUMPER 1 is a free VST instrument. Groove – beat box with non-standard control. DRUMPER allows you to create drum beats in a short time and it’s very easy to use!

    A user can create two rhythmic patterns which can be mixed together or with preset rhythm patterns.

    DRUMPER simultaneously plays two “drum kits” (choice of 4 available). Their sound can be mixed and customized in many ways.

    To use this drum synthesizer, paste drumper1.dll in your VST folder, open FL Studio and refresh your plugins list. On interface, click ‘RUN’ at the bottom (right corner). You can control DRUMPER with a MIDI keyboard or a mouse.

    More info:

    DRUMPER 1 free drum groove VSTi

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