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    Review: Chillstep Express sample pack by Prime Loops


    Prime Loops has released Chillstep Express, a sample pack featuring essential chillstep elements including floating strings and synth pads, warm keys & rhodes, deep bass loops, melodic instrument loops, epic drum loops, SFX one-shots and more .

    Pack your bags, Prime Loops are proud to present Chillstep Express, an unmissable journey through the warm and wonderful world of ambient dubstep. A truly versatile chillstep sample pack of drifting melodies and deep understated tones. A superb collection of timeless soul infused Liquid Dubstep Samples ready to drop straight into your DAW.


    Chillstep Express is divided into 8 main folders:

    • Bass Loops – 30 low basses perfectly leveled, with organic and warm feel. They range from dub basses to reeses, analog low pitch synths to wobbles and plain tones.
    • Drum Loops – 36 drum loops featuring slow and lazy drums spiced up with percusions, bold four-on-the-floor patterns, smooth glitched drum lines and much more.
    • Drum One Shots – a consistent selection of claps, hihats, kicks, snares and various percussions- 45 in total.
    • Keys – 22 rhodes, pianos and organs with a healthy dose of emotion.
    • Pads – 31 superb pads created with layered strings, synths, bells, percussions and rhodes.
    • SFX Loops – 26 melodic SFX loops with character.
    • SFX One Shots – 26 SFX shots ranging from impact drums to sweeps, from reversed crashes to synth shots and much more.
    • Synth & Instrument Loops – a suite of melodic loops and hooks (30) – guitar atmospheres, harps, rhodes, synths, marimbas etc.

    My opinion:

    Chillstep Express is the first package of sounds that satisfies my hunger for melody. At first, I thought it would not be a big deal, just another same sample pack stuffed with steroids, manufactured in a commercial and sellable form.

    But from the Bass folder, I felt that something is “wrong”-┬áChillstep Express already begun transmitting that human factor, I felt that there is placed a soul, not only sound. And focused on the wonders of that folder, I took the first dose of modern funk and soul and I said, “man, I think I have a new favorite.”

    I admit that I did not have big expectations on the drums too. But again, the surprise was inversely proportional to expectations. An impressive collection of drum loops with a very organic sound, groove and diversity.

    First contact with Keys, led me to believe that this is the best part of this package, more than that can not be. A collection of loops recorded with rhodes, pianos and organs, emanating musical decency from every pore. I think the one who created this package is a very emotional man, an artist by nature.

    When I went to Pads, I was convinced that this collection will surprise me to the last sound. Do not expect the usual pads made for the sake of layering, here we have a lot more- clarity, melody, feeling. Something that does not look like random!

    While browsing the SFX I thought myself that there finally! must be some glitch. But I was wrong again. The SFX loops can be easily a leitmotif in any music track, while the one shots set the pace.

    My musical journey ended with the Synth & Instrument Loops, an impressive collection of guitars, harps and synths that put all your senses in motion.
    I know that Prime Loops collaborates with many talented artists, but the author of this package outdoes the rest. I appreciate him for versatility, talent and extraordinary emotion in music.

    This package is 100% usable (and I really mean it), each part has its value and weighs heavily in any musical production that includes it. I highly recommend Chillout Express to all producers tired of the non-sense we hear every day and want to return to origins, while using modern methods and approaches. This is the first sample pack which helped me to understand what chillstep really is.

    Prime Loops is (still) running the 3 For 2 Sale, now is your chance to buy three packs and pay only for two, the cheapest one being free. Find out more here.

    More info:

    Chillstep Express sample pack by Prime Loops

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