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    ProducersHot Releases Free Song Starters MIDI Files


    ProducersHot has announced the release of Free Song Starters MIDI Files, a collection of MIDI arrangements aimed at modern dance music productions.

    Our Free Dance Loops collection has already over 2,000 downloads, so we thought to drop another collection of dance music hooks and loops!

    The pack consists of 43 MIDI loops originally recorded at 128 BPM. They’re designed for any EDM style including pop dance, house, techno, electro etc. I checked the pack, the MIDIs (with a vintage feel) are some kind of song starters, 43 ideas for new songs.

    All sounds are royalty-free for use in any commercial production. The Free Song Starters MIDI Files is available for instant download at ProducersHot, no registration being required.

    Download Free Song Starters MIDI Files

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