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    DubTurbo offer six instrument and effect plugins for free (limited time giveaway)


    The crew at DubTurbo are giving away until the release of their new DAW (Dubturbo 4.0), six synths and effect plugins for Windows. They consist of two ROMplers, a multisampler, a SFZ player, one EDM synthesizer and an equalizer.

    Download Our Whole VST(i) Line Up As We Launch Them – FREE FOR NOW (SRP $40-$90 each).
    Six Wicked New Tools Now Available With More Coming This Month!

    Romploid is an all-in-one ROMpler, synthesizer and sound modelling tool. It comes preloaded with 80 presets and various effect modules.

    Samploid 2 has same features as Romploid, you can load samples, layer sounds and design your own sound.

    Samploid 2 SFZ Beta is a SFZ loader with integrated on board effects.

    EQTurbo is a mastering & precision equalizer with inbuilt presets, low/ highpass nodes, reverb, filters and much more.

    WahnBeat Urban ROMpler is featuring a great collection of urban samples, beatboxes, voxes, raggachops etc.

    Sindrone is a synthesizer with two oscillators aimed at EDM productions.

    For limited time only, you can download the six plugins valued between $40 and $90 each- for FREE. No registration is required.

    More info:

    DubTurbo – six instrument and effect plugins for free

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