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    DistoCore intros Disto::FX free distortion effect plugin


    DistoCore has announced the release of Disto::FX, a free distortion VST effect plugin aimed at hard electronic music, as well as guitar tracks and synthlines.

    Disto::FX is available for Windows 32 and 64-bit and comes with 56 built-in presets.


    • 64-bit audio processing engine
    • distortion LUT unit with extra gate/loudness/bypass and unique powerful DistoCore distortion curves
    • linear, cosine, cubic and hermite LUT interpolation modes
    • filter unit including band-pass, band-stop and 12/24 dB HP/LP filters
    • ring modulator
    • phaser FX
    • DC Bassdrum::Murda based GUI with fancy knobs/indicators
    • 56 built-in dirty distortion presets focused on electronic music (for example: hardcore kickdrum processing)

    Disto::FX can be downloaded for free via DistoCore’s downloads page. When loading the plugin for the firts time, please keep the volume low.

    More info:

    Disto::FX free distortion effect plugin

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