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    Review: Diamond Web – Deep House Loops by Mode Audio (free sample pack inside)


    Mode Audio has released Diamond Web – Deep House Loops, a new sample pack featuring WAV & MIDI loops and one shot drum samples aimed at modern music productions.

    Listen as intricate layers of silken sound unfurl around you and wrap you into a web of warm, melodic bliss – from the deepest Sub Bass to the towering heights of epic plucked Synth Leads and Arps, welcome to the enveloping sample spectrum of Diamond Web – Deep House Loops!

    The collection is split into 3 main folders:

    • Diamond Web Loops:
      • Bass – 17 basslines with a clean sound, they will sit well in any mix;
      • Drum Fills – 12 loops in total, a suite of earth-shaking drum breaks expertly spiced with a subtle reverb;
      • Drums – the drum carnaval continues with 24 stereoized drum loops assorted with insane percussions and full of rhythm;
      • Keys & Instruments – contains burning arps, pianos on steroids, haunting rhodes and distorted mallets (13 loops);
      • Percussions – a surprising collection of 12 unusual percussion loops created with found sounds;
      • SFX & Textures – 15 sound effects and textures ranging from sweeps to drops, lifting sounds and sidechained sonic booms;
      • Synths – 27 loops showcasing sweet arps, retro-flavoured synth lines, distorted piano parts with an orchestral feel, long pads stealing the stereo room and “underwater” leads.
    • Drum Samples:
      • Hi Hats – 19 one shot hat samples filtered and processed from found sounds;
      • Kicks – 12 boomy samples ranging from distorted subs to bold and in-your-face shots, long drops to flat and classic kicks;
      • Rims & Percussion – 9 crispy hits, woody rims, layered claps, metallic hits and more;
      • Snares & Claps – “lazy” snare-claps mutations, full claps, long and persistent snares (10 samples in total).
    • MIDI Loops – you have control over basslines, drum fills, drum loops, keys and instruments, percussions and synths. Just open any MIDI file and add your synth, make any changes you want, add some variations and you’re good to go! This folder is a great addition for those who want to see what’s under the hood.

    Audio demo:

    Diamond Web – Deep House Loops is an original release, what makes it different is its leitmotif- a surprising and maybe unique approach of modern EDM style, this time with some vintage influences, with a decent dose of “dementia”, asking the producers who use it to leave some blood and sweat on the altar of creation.

    Dangerous for superficial musicians and bold producers’ best pal.

    I like it and I share it. Below you’ll find a free taster pack, before use, please lock the doors and unleash the piranhas.

    More info:

    Diamond Web – Deep House Loops by Mode Audio


    Diamond Web – Deep House Loops free taster pack (royalty free)[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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