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    Yemski releases 258 free Albino 3 presets


    Yemski has announced the release of a free soundbank (258 presets in total) for Albino 3 synthesizer by Rob Papen.

    As a present to all Albino users, I’ve decided to make some of my old commercial releases for Albino freeware.

    The patches are from two old sets I had called Yemski Arps & Grooves and another called Yemski Sound Scapes. There are 258 patches in all. Both feature extensive use of the layering capabilities of Albino 3 to produce gigantic sounds with complex polyrhythms and lush textures.

    The Arps and Sequence are my take on the sort of thing you’d get from old school workstations like the Yamaha CS6R or EX5 and the complex grooves you’d often find on them. The Soundscapes were my attempt to imitate Absynth with long evolving sounds with a slightly “out there” ethereal quality.

    Audio demo:

    The presets are available for free via Soundcloud.

    More info:

    258 free Albino 3 presets

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