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    Wire Grind releases Doffset free VST effect plugin for DC offset correction


    Wire Grind has announced the release of Doffset, a free VST2 and VST3 plugin effect for Windows.

    Doffset is a lightweight plug-in that corrects DC offset. When the plug-in is loaded, DC offset is automatically removed and no parameter adjustments are required by the user.

    Doffset is specially designed to minimize any coloration to the signal and, at the same time, quickly adjust the signal to remove any DC offset. Doffset offers three modes of operation, each one giving a slightly different trade-off between bass response and zero DC convergence time.

    Audio signals often contain DC offset, and this is often not easy to recognize when using an audio editor. Offset correction can reduce the overall magnitude of a signal while maintaining its loudness. For this reason, Doffset has applications for mastering, and it is of potential use in the loudness wars as well.

    Watch below a video where DC offset is clearly explained, then you’ll understand what’s the purpose of this plugin:

    Doffset is available for free & instant download on Wire Grind.

    More info:

    Doffset free VST effect plugin

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