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    Saltline releases free Korzenie Kick VSTi and Korzenie Clap beta VSTi


    Saltline has released version 1 of Korzenie Kick, a free kick drum synthesizer (VST 32-bit format) for Windows.

    Version 1 of kick is now finished. We’ve added more features than the beta version and a decent sized preset bank including presets from System D.F.L & Hinton & Fairchild who also have a great selection of freeware VST plugins.

    Korzenie kick is dedicated to kick drum sounds. Kick features 3 layers, body, mid and FM/noise. Each layer has it’s own pitch and volume envelopes with several curve options giving a great degree of flexibility and control over the sounds attack and decay.

    Audio demo:

    Saltline has also announced its Korzenie Clap beta, a free clap generator plugin, now available as a Beta pre-release from Saltline’s Facebook free downloads page.

    More info & downloads:

    Free Korzenie Kick VSTi
    Free Korzenie Clap beta VSTi

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