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    Review: Technotron SD422 sample pack by G-Sonique


    123Creative has released Technotron SD422, a sample pack by G-Sonique featuring a set of over 900 samples for minimal techno, industrial techno, schranz, electro, free tekno, Detroit techno and more.

    From our experiences we know that from 90% of techno sample packs, produced by competitors, only classic samples are usually useful like kicks, claps, hi-hats, but they are missing the most important of them: synthetic, dirty, minimal percussion, industrial sounds, robotic drums, scary hits, dusty clicks and scratches which sounds like a weak scratched radio signal from a far-away NASA space station attacked by evil aliens.

    The sound of drums that you never know where they are coming from. The creepy woods of the Amazon jungle or from a far, unknown mutant civilization, dark dirty noises and breath taking massive percussive f***ing beats. Simply put, the basic structure of each great techno track was always a big problem to achieve and even more difficult to produce.

    Technotron SD422 is split into 9 main folders:

    • Bass – 29 samples ranging from organic bass shots to sub basses, fast attack shots to deep hits. All samples have a late reflection reverb applied;
    • Claps – 56 clap samples modded using layering, filtering, with some effects like delay, distortion etc;
    • Clicks is a folder containing 141 various sound effects and focusing on processed click sounds from echo clicks and deep shots to bad circuit noises and sonars;
    • Electro sounds – 127 useful sounds for adding flavour to any track: basses, chords, synth shots, bells and SFX;
    • Hihats – 117 hi hat samples, a big collection to choose from. Inside you’ll find hard hats, industrial hats, metallic sounds, some of them designed in chiptune music style etc;
    • Kick drums – 90 kick samples: deep, hardcore, classic, agressive and techno plus a selection of experimental shots;
    • The Percussions folder comes packed with a set of 221 samples like alien sounds, bongos, claves, hammers, triangles, experimental SFX and much more;
    • Snares – 33 samples in total: SID snares, industrial snares, metallic snares etc;
    • Toms – 92 various beautifully designed toms ranging from melodic to aggressive, SciFi to ethnic.

    As usual, G-Sonique is offering huge material to work with at an affordable price, the pack costs only 13,93 euros (price reduced by 30% for a limited time only, regular is 19.90 euros). The sounds are designed with care and perfectly processed.

    With this pack G-Sonique is exploring the other side of minimal techno, usually neglected by other sample suppliers- synthetic sounds. You’ll hear some of the best clicks, minimal hits and percussions, industrial SFX, scary hits, SID chip style drum hits and much more. Add the classic drum samples and you’ll find Technotron SD422 a complete collection for daily use.

    I recommend this sample pack for all EDM producers, it suits perfectly any genre, from classic house and dubstep to minimal or industrial techno.

    More info:

    Technotron SD422 sample pack by G-Sonique

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