Ivy Audio launches Clare Solo free Kontakt instrument

Ivy Audio has introduced its new Clare Solo, a free female solo vocal instrument library for Kontakt by Native Instruments.

Clare Solo is a proof of concept for deep sampled vocals.

Most legato libraries use separate sustain and transition samples. Clare Solo transitions are all recorded leading directly into a full length sustain, resulting in a much more realistic legato performance.
Clare Solo is not the most polished product. Time constraints limited the number of notes that could be re-recorded, so there are small discrepancies in some samples, and the recording space was not very well isolated.

However, these problems become much less audible when placed in a musical context, and I urge you to try out the library in combination with a string drone or other accompaniment.

Video demo:


  • Comprehensive one-octave legato.
  • Separate crescendo samples.
  • Recorded in a live acoustic space.

The free Clare Solo Kontakt instrument is available as direct download at Ivy Audio.

More info:

Clare Solo free Kontakt instrument

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