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    Studyjne releases Free Vinyl Drum Kits


    Studyjne has announced the release of Free Vinyl Drum Kits, a collection of three drum kits for hip hop, breakbeat, downtempo and much more.

    Free Vinyl Drum Kits for NI Battery (or any other sampler). This sample pack contains 3 drum kits layed out according to their flavour. In this pack you’ll find kicks, snares, hi-hats and other useful sounds: 37 sounds in total.

    These are most suitable for for hip hop, dub step, downtempo or trip hop, but can also be used in other genres. You can use them with NI Battery or any other sampler of your choice. Enjoy!

    Audio demo:

    Free Vinyl Drum Kits is available at no cost and instant download on Studyjne.

    More info:

    Free Vinyl Drum Kits by Studyjne

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