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    Beatassist releases Mantra Evo free VSTi


    Beatassist has announced the release of Mantra Evo, a free virtual instrument which combines 2 synths with several effects.

    It is based on an FM synth and a Phase Dist synth.

    Both of these synths are gifted with a morphing system that will morph the basic waves into some more complex ones.
    Each of these synths are also gifted with 5 envelopes (amp, pitch, filter, modulation and morphing).

    The modulation of these synths is based on FM modulation system using kbd and depth. On the filter envelope you can tweak just cutoff, resonance or both.
    Each of these synths are gifted of an LFO with two targets, dedicated filter, free speed knob, sync option and waveform choice. There is a Chorus for each synth too, making your sounds phater.

    Mantra Evo comes with useful effects like Octave Stepper, Distortion, Reverb, EQ, Stereo Delay and Trancegate and you can connect them individually.

    The synthesizer is available for free and instant download on Beatassist.

    More info:

    Mantra Evo free VSTi

    HighLife Samples

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