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    Rightsify launches rights management application for Sample Labels


    Rightsify, a Los Angeles based company, has today launched their cloud based rights management application. Rightsify makes it easy for sample labels, music publishers and record labels to organize and administrate their metadata, releases, formats and distribution lists all in one intuitive and easy to use platform.

    With Rightsify, labels no longer have to manage their product data across multiple folders, spreadsheets or documents, everything can be organized from one account, saving both time and resources so labels can focus on the creation and marketing of their content. Labels can submit their product metadata through the clean and simple interface or import their metadata with a CSV file.


    When labels submit their metadata, Rightsify’s software automatically summarizes this information and organizes it into graphs and data-tables displaying the Title, Genre, Format, Release Date, and Distribution Sites for products, making it much easier and less time consuming for labels to manage their products.



    Rightsify’s pricing is based on a pay per-copyright model so the cost for the app depends on how many products a label has, however, they do have a Free Trial¬†with no payment information required so labels can sign up and test the platform out.

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