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    Review: Undercover found percussion collection by Mode Audio + free sample pack


    Mode Audio has announced the release of Undercover, a great collection featuring found percussion samples in high quality WAV audio format.

    Music can be made with almost anything – as soon as you realise this, your entire home can become an extended musical instrument. Top electronic producers have been using interesting and unusual sources for percussion and drum sounds for decades and now you can too – take a peep inside Undercover – Found Percussion Samples and you’ll discover treasure chests full of this sonic gold!

    We scoured our homes and high streets to build up a stockpile of strange and unusual objects and materials to hit, tap, scrape, rub, brush, break and otherwise generate weird and wonderful sounds with!

    Audio demo:

    The collection is divided into 9 main folders:

    • Glass – filled with 16 bottle strikes samples as well as some beautifully recorded slides, taps, a beer cap opening sound and more;
    • Kicks & Thuds – the fun continues with sounds that imitate the mighty kick drum: your chair can sound cool, your basket and even the pillows. Judging the sounds in this folder, the guys at Mode Audio have good furniture and great microphones :) Pillow fight!
    • Lids – some cool lid sounds including pops, scrapes and screws; with some processing you can create something completely new with them;
    • Metal is a consistent collection of various metal hits like coffee pots, coin spins, some keys, lighters, screws and other tools, all of them offering material for unique percussions in your tracks;
    • Mixed Objects – here, Mode Audio is presenting a folder with samples labeled kicks, claps and hi hats, basically same type of recordings but with more processing until the point they sound familiar to anybody. But not boring, there must be something that wakes up your senses.
    • Other Objects – other or miscellaneous are not the words to describe this folder; it is the sound designer’s dream, filled with paper sounds, zippers, canvas and much much more;
    • Plastic features sounds recorded from computer cases, containers, tool boxes, plastic bottles: hits, clicks, strikes, slides etc
    • Snaps – 12 various snaps created with scissors and shears, short and useful hits to fill your drum patterns with groove;
    • Woods is the folder where wood is taking its treatment: drops, strikes, scrapes and hits.

    The version for FL Studio of Undercover sample pack comes with 11 DirectWave patches, helping you too keep things in place. You can experiment with each kit and create unique beats.

    Personally, I see this collection as a perfect tool for sound design, there are many useful sounds to use in game developing for example, with some processing you can achieve the sounds you need into your project. Still, let’s not forget its usability in creating rhythmic and textured drum beats. Forget the plain beats, the variety of sounds included allows you to perfect that ‘human’ groove you need into your music.

    There are many ‘weapons’ to create perfect drum & percussion patterns like panning, quantising, playing with velocities etc and Undercover is the perfect complement to your skills arsenal.

    We like it, that’s why we asked the kind guys at Mode Audio to offer all FLStudioMusic a free sampler pack to play with. You can download it below.

    More info:

    Undercover sample pack by Mode Audio


    Undercover free taster pack for our readers[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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