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    Review: Psytrance Drum Kit 1 by G-Sonique + 85 free samples


    G-Sonique has released Psytrance Drum Kit 1, a collection featuring 1,015 one shot samples, including drums and various FX for psytrance and progressive house music productions.

    The sample pack is spilit into 9 main folders:

    • Bass, which contains 24 short synth bass samples;
    • Blips and Clicks – 49 samples including blip noises, metallic hits, various clicks with or without delay, impacts and more;
    • Claps folder contains 71 processed and layered clap samples;
    • Electronic sounds, hits, fxs is a large folder featuring 139 sounds from SFX hits and Hi-Tech sounds to synth shots and ‘ethnic’ melodic ambiances;
    • FX comes with 76 items like alien sounds, acid loops, dark and spooky intros, fat and trap-esque lasers, FM sounds and much more;
    • Hihats – 109 closed and open hats as well as some unusual short, electro, hitech and hard hats;
    • Kicks features a cool collection of deep, fat and punchy kick drum samples, 116 in total;
    • Percussions is a set of various percussion samples mainly original ethnic sounds (see darbukah) but also some reinterpretations like Aztek and Amazon sacral sounds. Let’s not forget the woods, bongs with a twist of delay, the processed hammers, fat congas and much more (284 samples);
    • Snares – 147 high pitched electro snares, heavy processed electronic snares; dry and broken jungle snares, some liquid ones perfect for chillout and ambient, oldskool & psychedelic snares etc completing a wide variety of material to work with not only in psytrance but many other genres too!

    At a glance, Psytrance Drum Kit 1 may look like just another sample pack, but when you start digging, its rich and sincere content may keep you busy for a while :) Tons of audio material, there are over 1,000 one shots, without any compromise on audio quality. You can easily make a track only with this pack.


    • WAV
    • Royalty free
    • 1015 Samples in total

    My favourite folders are Percussions which personally I see it as a source of percussive shots for any track, Electronic sound with its melodic synths and strange ambiances, Kicks- for the variety of sounds included and Snares (my number one!), a superb collection of snares for daily use.

    I recommend Psytrance Drum Kit 1 for anyone making EDM music, it is a great toolbox for everyday use and its price is fair, only 16 € 12 € (25% off!) for something similar to a Swiss army knife :)

    P.S. You can download a demo sample pack of 85 free samples on Psytrance Drum Kit 1 product page. Enjoy!

    More info:

    Psytrance Drum Kit 1 by G-Sonique

    HighLife Samples

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