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    Review: Neuro Trap sample pack by Prime Loops


    Prime Loops has released Neuro Trap, a collection featuring over 350MB of samples for all producers of D&B, Neuro, Trap and Trap & Bass.

    Prepare for an all out assault on your audio senses! This ferocious new hybrid genre is making its impact felt, tearing up dance floors and sound systems across the world, and now you can become a part of the uprising with this definitive Neuro Trap sample pack by Prime Loops.

    Ideal for D&B, Trap and Trap & Bass producers, our latest Neuro Trap Sample Pack is a deadly combination of Neurofunk and Trap, two of the most powerful forces in modern music!

    Audio demo:

    Neuro Trap collection is split into 8 main folders:

    • 808 Bass Loops – 23 basslines created with 808 kick drum ranging from short & rhythmic slides to “in-your-face” agressive melodies and long and plain bass-infused beats to extreme sub-bass compositions;
    • Drum Loops – a great complement to previous folder, this part contains stripped-down drum patterns- processed snares and claps, convulsive hi hats and of course full beats;
    • Drum One-Shots – lots of claps, claves, hats, snares, toms to create rhythmic patterns;
    • Multisamples – contains four folders full with different instances of 808 drum shots plus Reese basses, short leads and sirens;
    • The SFX folder is concentrated on risers, hits, atmospheres etc very useful for adding more weight to the tracks;
    • Synth Loops – 27 files in total: full and rich chords, “growls”, fast Reese leads, melodic sirens and more;
    • Vocals Dry – short chants and shouts, various speeches;
    • Vocals Wet – same vocals with cool processing added.

    Overall, Neuro Trap sample pack comes filled with all the tools necessary for producing a track, with its pro sound and diversity being a must have. My favourite sounds are the one shots, specially the tuned snares and the percussions. Another great and useful parts are the 808 basslines with their warmth and richness and the vocals which come in two flavours- processed and dry.

    I recommend this collection for all looking for cool elements in their tracks (vocals, SFX samples, drum shots etc) also for the producers in search of clean and really useful processed 808 basslines.

    More info:

    Neuro Trap sample pack by Prime Loops

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