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    ProducersHot intros Vintage Drums Volume 1 free loops


    ProducersHot has announced the release of Vintage Drums Volume 1, a free collection featuring 27 drum loops recorded in 24 Bit WAV format.

    Vintage Drums Volume 1 contains free drum loops aimed at various genres including breakbeat, hip hop, pop and much more. The loops are 100% original and created by Altair Damon from the ProducersHot team.

    Audio demo:


    • 27 free drum loops
    • high quality sounds recorded in 24-bit .WAV format
    • the collection is compressed as .ZIP file
    • 54MB of audio files
    • all sounds work perfectly in any DAW or sampler

    All samples are recorded at 120 BPM and 100% royalty free.

    More info:

    Vintage Drums Volume 1 free loops

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