Alex Hilton has announced the release of A1StereoControl , a free stereo enhancer plugin (Windows and Mac) with a special feature for adjusting bass into the center of stereo field. Also, it brings you the possibility to place your stereo signal inside the stereo field in a very intuitive way.

With my new A1StereoControl plugin you will be able to expand or limit the STEREO WIDENESS of your tracks using only one single knob. This powerful technique can be used on single tracks or groups tracks while mixing or even on a master bus in final mastering situations.

As many experienced mixing & mastering engeneers worldwide are complaining, stereo-expansion can have unwanted side-effects.
Especially the bass frequencies should normally be simple mono. As you may guess, my plugin has also a solution for this problem.

The integrated “Safe Bass” algorithm centers all bass frequencies below a adjustable value right back into the middle of the stereo field. This gives your tracks the solidity and definition you want while preserving maximum transpancy and sharpness.

A1StereoControl free stereo enhancer is available via downloads page on A1Audio.

More info:

A1StereoControl free stereo enhancer

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