Saltline has announced the release of Korzenie Kick, a free kick generator VST instrument plugin for Windows.

Korzenie kick is a simple kick drum synth, I’m currently putting together a few smaller synths that I will start releasing in the next couple of months but before they are released I thought I’d let facebook fans have a play first.

Korzenie Kick is available exclusively via Saltline’s Facebook fan page. This is a preview of the plugin to be released next couple of months, which will have some visual tweaks and a larger preset bank. That final version will be also free.

On the other side, Swierk version 1.1.1 is now available for free download on Swierk’s website, many new features are available, including some minor graphical changes, an extra sub waveform mix, output LP/HP filter bypass and much much more! You can download Swierk version 1.1.1 here.


Korzenie Kick – free kick generator VST instrument

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  1. Don’t waste your time, if you previously liked the page for a previous download, it won’t work this time.
    Farcebook is a farce.


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