Rattly and Raw has released a free Kontakt instrument from its newest The Cassamplerette Renaissance – an original library featuring unusual instruments and percussions.

Whilst racking our brains for new and exciting instruments to create sample instruments from, we started playing around with an old cassette machine we had in the workshop. Alan had the great idea of making a cassette-based sampler instrument triggered from a single key mechanism we had lying around. Unlike the classic mellotron, this crackpot contraption used a cassette mechanism, a single key and whatever cassette tapes we had lying around. The results were definitely exciting and definitely Rattly And Raw!

Being the proud owners of the Cassamplerette we decided to make the most of it!

We found 49 appropriate instruments and also a huge amount of drums and percussion and recorded them painfully and slowly to the Cassamplerette at as many pitches/keys/notes as we could get per instrument! We then transferred and edited all these recordings to Kontakt through a killer signal path (vintage neve pres and prism conversion) and created a digital version of the Cassamplerette but with all the convenience that Kontakt offers!

Audio demos from the full release:

The freebie can be downloaded via The Cassamplerette Renaissance page. No registration required.

More info:

The Cassamplerette Renaissance freebie

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