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    Music Radar releases 475 free crate digger’s samples


    Music Radar has released 475 free crate digger’s samples, a free collection of vinyl-flavoured loops in high quality WAV format.

    For a true sample collector, nothing beats the feeling of crate digging. No, we don’t mean sampling endless YouTube videos or MP3s on your computer, but getting off your behind, hunting down a dusty record shop, wiping off an old, forgotten record, dropping the needle onto it and hearing a crackly old sound that could be the basis for a whole track.

    If you’re looking for an easier way of getting your hands on some classic vinyl-style sounds, though, we have a solution: a ready-made collection of vintage-flavoured loops and hits.

    All the samples are supplied as WAV files so can be imported directly into your DAW or sampler of choice. The 475 free crate digger’s samples collection is royalty-free, you can use the included sounds in commercial releases too.

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    475 free crate digger’s samples

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