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    Lux Nox launches PERC+ Kontakt library (donationware and free versions)


    Lux Nox has announced the release of PERC+, an unique Kontakt library featuring drum and percussion sounds as well as various found sounds, prepared pianos and much more. PERC+ comes in two variants- the full version filled with 14.2GB of samples and the demo version which includes 10 of the 64 patches of the full version.

    The full version is donationware, all funds go to The Mr. Holland’s Opus Fund, a non-profit society providing musical instruments to underserved K-12 and after-school programs, enabling thousands of students to enjoy the life-altering benefits of a quality music education.

    PERC+ (for KONTAKT 5.1) is a percussion sample library containing over 14 GB / 10.000+ samples of sounds made with a variety of cymbals and gongs, metal objects, prepared frame drums and upright piano.

    The sonic character of the 64 included instruments ranges from mellow and delicate (brushes, taps with fingers) to downright aggressive and experimental (a.o. articulations using bow, metal chains).

    Video demo:

    PERC+ demo version comes with 10 of the 64 patches of the full version, 1.345 samples (stereo, 48 kHz / 24-bit), 3.14 GB .wav sample pool, compressed to 1.8 GB .ncw lossless. Please note that it is royalty free, which means you can use the sounds included into commercial projects too. Download size is 1.75GB via WeTransfer.

    If you like the demo package, you can opt for the full version which is donationware, any amount is accepted- you get a fantastic product and same time you can contribute for a good cause.


    PERC+ Demo version (royalty free)


    PERC+ full (donationware version)

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    1. Worth noting that the amount of the donation required to get the full version is at the user’s discretion – so for a few bucks you can upgrade to a massive, 14 GB KONTAKT library with unique sounds – and support a good cause at the same time. And if anyone has questions or is having trouble downloading/installing, just drop me a line at luxnoxaudio(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks!

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