Electronisounds has announced the release of Drumjector, a collection featuring over 1,000 samples: creative toolset for drumloops, drum hits, glitched percussions and fragmented rhythmic elements.

We strongly suggest that you check out the video walkthroughs to get a better understanding of what DRUMJECTOR is and how you can use it. The first video explains more of the content of DRUMJECTOR and how you can load the different sample formats, and the 2nd video shows how you can create some custom beats from scratch using the sounds and samples.

Mo matter what level of production skills you have, whichever DAW you use, this tookit will get you adding beats and rhythm(s) to your tracks in a new, fun and productive way.

DRUMJECTOR also includes over 150 KEY-LABELED kick drums for all EDM genres!

Audio demo:

Video demos:

With this release, Electronisounds is offering a free (and exclusive) pack for all FLStudioMusic readers. Inside you’ll find REX2 beats, a drum soundfont, one shot drum samples & loops and a SFZ patch.

Plus, you have 50% off on ANY order (no minimum purchase) at Electronisounds.com!!! Just use coupon code flstudiomusic at checkout.
Take a look here and choose from a large pallette of MIDI collections, sample packs, presets and much more.


Drumjector – 64 MB of free samples by Electronisounds

More samples:


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