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    VST Zone reveals Amplio 2 free effect plugin


    VST Zone has announced the release of Amplio 2, a free stereo enhancer VST effect plugin for Windows.

    Amplio 2.0 (VST Effect) is a way to enhance boring and dull sound. It’s three band Equalizer with adjustable bands and additional multiband effect modules.

    Plugin was originally designed to enhance drum patterns, but version 2 is powerfull enough to be used on any type of sound.

    Video demo:

    Changes in Amplio v2.0

    • New multiband Noise gate with envelope controls will help you totally change your beat and create something new.
    • Total overhaul of user interface, faster load and smaller filesize. Improved controls. You can now use rigth mouse click to set deafult values and double right mouse click to set value to zero on all controls. Holding shift while draging will increase sensitivity for better value settings.
    • No more overlapping band control points on Frequency splitter.
    • Improved Reverb and fixed wet/dry mix.
    • Low band saturation now working correctly.
    • Improved soft limiter to work better with distortion module.
    • Control the stereo field with new multiband stereo balance module. Handy gadget for centering bass frequencies.
    • Assembly optimization of all modules in order to save as much cycles as possible. Even with new noise gate CPU usage is same or even better than in previous version.
    • Adjusted all existing presets and added new 14 new presets. Total 66 presets including Amplio presets that use Distortion module.

    Amplio 2 is available as freeware for Windows (VST).

    More info:

    Amplio 2 free effect plugin

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