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    patchArena releases SFZ FLukelele free instrument


    PatchArena has announced the release of its SFZ FLukelele, a free SFZ instrument featuring ukulele samples.

    Sampled Instrument from a finger plucked Ukelele. Perfect for composing Ukelele on a breezy summer afternoon.

    Instrument programming features include 5 “round robins” for each note using neighbor variation techniques. This provides natural variation on consecutive notes.

    Use this free SFZ as a way to compose Ukelele lines with your favorite SFZ Player. With reverb and other effects this also works well for any plucked acoustic instrument part within the same range. Experiment with chorus, reverb, and other effects!

    Audio demo:


    • Total Size – 8.7MB Uncompressed.
    • SFZ_Flukelele.sfz – .SFZ Instrument Definition File
    • 26 Samples – .wav format 44.1k 16Bit

    More info:

    SFZ FLukelele free instrument

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