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    Karoryfer Samples releases Emilyguitar free SFZ instrument


    Karoryfer Samples has released Emilyguitar, a free SFZ sample library featuring an Epiphone Emily the Strange guitar.

    After a few bass libraries, we’ve gone for a guitar. There are a lot of guitar samples out there intended for lots of styles of music guitarists like, from Latin jazz to metalcore, but this library is for music guitarists really hate, from hip-hop to EDM. It’s designed to be easy to use for producers who don’t necessarily know a lot about guitars and don’t need a whole lot of different articulations, control over left-hand position, note off groups etc. Instead of all that you get a fat, percussive sound that’s great for crisp rhythms.

    The guitar sampled is an Epiphone Emily the Strange model strung with thick flatwound strings. It’s basically an inexpensive SG, but a really cute one. Sure, cute looks might not matter all that much when it comes to samples, but being shallow is fun. The notes are sampled every minor third with four velocity layers and three random round robins. There are also release samples (every minor third with four round robins) and various noises (with five round robins). All together that makes 323 24-bit 44.1 kHz wav samples and a 98 MB download.

    SFZ mappings are included. They should work with most SFZ-compatible samplers, but we’ve tested them with Plogue Sforzando so we recommend using that. Although we tried to keep things simple and convenient, you will have to decide which of the six mappings you want to choose from.

    Audio demo:

    Emilyguitar free SFZ instrument is available at no cost via Karoryfer Samples.

    More info:

    Emilyguitar free SFZ instrument

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