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    FFS // Convoluted Anode Bonus – free impulse responses by Diego Stocco


    Diego Stocco has announced his latest FFS // Convoluted Anode Bonus, a collection of free impulse responses based on sounds created with MeeBlip Anode- synthesizer by James Grahame and Peter Kirn.

    “FFS // Convoluted Anode Bonus” is a mini set of 15 Impulse Responses specifically designed for the processing of beats and percussive instruments. You can download it for free or “pay what you want”.

    I created them for the rhythmic convolution processing you can hear in my track “Convoluted Anode”

    If you’re interested in this processing technique, check out “FFS // Rhythmic Convolutions“, a set of 200 impulse responses made from organic sources and materials.

    Audio demo:

    Size is 4.36MB, all samples are in WAV, 48KHz/ 24bit.

    In order to download the IR collection, on Gumroad, just click “I want this!”; next, if you want it for free, in the “Name a fair price” field type “0”. You’ll need to fill the email address field too and the download link will be sent in your inbox.

    More info:

    FFS // Convoluted Anode Bonus – free impulse responses

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