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    Boz Digital Labs intros Tilty Wilty free plugin for limited time


    Boz Digital Labs has launched Tilty Wilty, a tilt EQ effect plugin, designed for giving you more control on brightness & darkness of your tracks.

    The special filter of Tilty Wilty does not have any of the wonky side effects to your high end that most digital filters have. No matter what sample rate you are using, Tilty Wilty will give you a smooth natural curve right up to Nyquist frequency.

    Tilty Wilty is free for a limited time only (June 9).

    You may be wondering why this plugin has such a dumb name and ugly interface. This is by design. We are working on a bigger better version, but we wanted to get this into your hands now.

    New Name

    We need your help coming up with a name for this plugin. If you come up with the name for the plugin, you get a free upgrade to the full version, plus one free download of any Boz Digital Labs plugin. You can see details of the contest HERE.

    New Features

    While the tilt EQ is the main feature of this plugin, we’d like to add some more features to make it even more special. Obviously we won’t be able to add every feature that is suggested, even if they are awesome, but we will certainly listen to all of them and apply the features that we believe would make this plugin work for everyone.

    Tilty Wilty is available for Windows 32/64 (VST2, VST3, RTAS, AAX Native) and Mac 32/64: (AU, VST2, VST3, RTAS, AAX Native).

    Boz Digital Labs is also running a 15% off promo campaign; just use coupon code 15OFF at checkout (expires on Friday, June 6) and purchase any plugin with discount.

    More info:

    Tilty Wilty free plugin

    HighLife Samples

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