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    Karoryfer presents Two Free Bass Sample Libraries


    Karoryfer has announced the release of two libraries featuring WAV bass samples and their SFZ mappings: the Swagbass bass guitar and the Ergo EUB electric upright bass.

    Karoryfer Lecolds presents a collection of sample libraries. We currently have two free downloads available.

    One is an electric upright bass including very low detuned samples and the other is a very hip-hop bass guitar. You can also download an earlier acoustic double bass library created by one of our developers from external sites.

    We started creating sample libraries for use in our own various projects. We are focusing on instrument libraries and collections of one-shot samples, rather than loop libraries or construction kits. In the pipeline now are some electronic glitches and a cello. The next phase in our plan for world domination is calling everyone we know who has a rare or unusual instrument and trying to talk them into a sample recording session.

    Swagbass features:

    • A total of 331 24-bit wav samples.
    • Notes sampled every minor third.
    • Three velocity layers and four round robins for every note.
    • String release noises with three round robins.
    • Various percussive noises (muted strings etc.) with five round robins.
    • 10-year-old flatwound strings for a darker, more percussive tone.
    • Five different SFZ mappings.
    • 138 MB download size.

    Ergo EUB features:

    • 337 24-bit wav samples of notes.
    • 61 bonus samples of low notes processed to imitate kick drums.
    • Bowed notes with four velocity layers and at least two round robins.
    • Plucked notes with three velocity layers and at least three round robins.
    • Lowest string sampled tuned down as far as E, an octave below the low E on a standard bass.
    • SFZ mappings.
    • 191 MB download size.

    Both libraries are open source.

    More info:

    Two Free Bass Sample Libraries by Karoryfer

    HighLife Samples

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