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    Karoryfer releases two free glitch libraries (Kontakt, SFZ & WAV)


    Karoryfer has released two libraries containing glitch samples: Zamenhof Stickmusterstuch Error Eins and Zamenhof Stickmusterstuch Error Zwei.

    Zamenhof Stickmusterstuch Error contains both one-shots and loops. Clicks and noise samples from various digital recordings have been processed with software time-stretching, pitch-shifting, distortion etc. and a Korg Kaoss Pad. All samples are in 24-bit WAV format, and there are a total of 85 samples adding up to 42 MB.

    They are divided into two Kontakt instruments. Error Eins and Error Zwei each have their own separate Kontakt instrument and SFZ mappings.

    Audio demo:


    • 85 samples each.
    • Both one-shots and loops.
    • Samples from various digital sources processed using both software effects and Korg Kaoss Pad hardware.
    • Kontakt instrument, SFZ mapping and WAV files included.
    • Download size: 21 MB for Eins, 53 MB for Zwei.

    More info:

    Karoryfer Samples

    HighLife Samples

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