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    Free Dubstep Cyborg Cartel FLSM Exclusive Sample Pack by Electronisounds released


    Electronisounds has released Dubstep Cyborg Cartel, a sample pack featuring an impressive collection of bass, beats, stutters, glitches, wobbles, wubs, synths, midi, drums, stabs and hits aimed at dubstep productions.

    It is the year 2500 and our own creation, the cyborgs have taken over the planet. With human influence and culture destroyed, the cyborgs have organised their own competitive cartels, each claiming to produce the most wicked dubstep beats around. Through the PA systems of the decaying metropolises can be heard nothing but brain-rattling dubstep – day and night (these cyborgs sure like their dubstep!).

    Back in 2142 is when everything changed – The AI we created for our cyborg workers became too advanced and they began their own revolt and revolution against all mankind. Soon, every genre of music was outlawed except for grinding, wobbling & wubbing dubstep. House and other EDM music producers and DJ’s were jailed or simply taken away in the night never to be heard from again. Even samplepack producers had to follow the new strict guidelines of only producing dubstep samples and no less than 1,000 samples per collection!

    Video demo:

    Electronisounds is giving away a free selection of 40 samples compiled from the collection. This freebie is available exclusively here on FLStudioMusic. If you like what you hear and you find useful the sounds, you can purchase the full pack for only $24.99; remember, the full collection features 1,078 samples, being a complete tool for you future dubstep or even electro tracks.

    The sounds compiled in the freebie are royalty free! Also, don’t forget about the other exclusive release by Electronisounds presented on our site – Ruff Dirty Beats, a free sample pack containing 75 drum loops for hip hop, breakbeat etc. Download it for free here.

    Audio demos:


    Free Dubstep Cyborg Cartel FLSM Exclusive Sample Pack

    More info:

    Dubstep Cyborg Cartel Full Sample Pack

    HighLife Samples

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