Karoryfer Samples have announced the release of Fashionbass, a free collection of 4 general-purpose bass guitar SFZ patches. They can be loaded in any SFZ-compatible samplers, for example sforzando, Alchemy Player etc.

I’ve made a library of another one of my basses, this one more general-purpose and a little bigger than the previous ones. Notes have 3 round robins and 5 velocity layers for a total of 285 note samples, there are also 4 round robins of string release samples adding up to 76 of those, and 5 round robins of noise samples which makes 65 of those. At 24 bits and 44.1 kHz, that makes for a download a bit over 300 MB.

There are four SFZ mappings – the basic one using all the samples, and three less realistic ones using fewer samples: one with no release noises, one with three unison voices (instead of round robins), and one with five unison voices created by shifting higher notes down. I really like the unison capability of modern digital synths, and I tried to get some of that feel with those mappings – the five-voice one sounds especially juicy with a weird combination of bass guitar tone and EDM bass thickness. I had to sacrifice two octaves of range but it was totally worth it.

Audio demo:

Fashionbass is available for free via Karoryfer Samples website.

More info:

Karoryfer Samples Fashionbass

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