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    Mastrcode Music releases T-Force Phaser free VST effect


    Mastrcode Music has released T-Force Phaser, a free VST effect plugin for Windows operating systems.

    T-Force Phaser is an effects device for adding phase cancellatios as a creative effect to your sounds. It results in a sound with a spacey feeling.

    It also was used in the effects section of the DB-Force The Amen.

    Video demo:


    • Phase cancellation up to 16 stages – means how many points in the frequency range will be cancelled by a serially connected chain of allpass filters).
    • Frequency Range control – determines the center frequency where the stages will be aligned.
    • Spread control – controls how far the single stages are apart from each other.
    • Feedback amount control – controls how strong the signal will be fed back to the audio input (stronger amounts result in a more metallic sound).
    • Depth control – determines how strong the phase cancellation will be added to the original sound.
    • BPM syncable LFO with phase offset for modulating the Frequency Range (lets the stages sweep up and down in the frequency spectrum).
    • MIDI Learn (by right clicking a control)
    • all functions fully automatable

    T-Force Phaser is available for instant download via Mastrcode Music’s website.

    More info:

    T-Force Phaser free VST effect

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