Rob Lee has announced that is giving away his commercial Dune 1 soundsets! Dune by Synapse Audio Software is a virtual-analog type of synthesizer using the traditional oscillator, filter and ADSR concepts.

212 presets for the Synapse Dune synthesizer by Rob Lee. This pack contains both the Total Recall and Trance for Dune sound banks. Everything you need is here for ambient, dance, electro, house, techno and trance.

DUNE 2 is now released so all my DUNE 1 banks are free so thanks for all the support.

Video demo:

On Rob Lee’s freebies page you can download a total of 296 Dune 1 and Dune CM synth patches (212 for Dune and 84 for Dume CM).


296 free Dune 1 and Dune CM presets

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