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    MusicRadar releases 502 free noise, hiss and crackle samples


    MusicRadar has announced the release of 502 free noise, hiss and crackle samples, a free collection of samples in WAV format.

    It sounds crazy, but despite the fact that many of us work hard to make recordings that are as pristine as possible, we also miss those blemishes that used to be part and parcel of the audio experience: hiss, crackle and other types of noise.

    But now, thanks to SampleRadar, you can bring them back. This collection includes all kinds of ‘unwanted’ sounds that can be used to add character to your productions.

    The noise, hiss and crackle sample collection is divided into eight folders, each of which is labelled to describe the type of sounds that it contains. The sounds are royalty-free, the only restriction being that you’re not allowed to re-distribute them.

    More info:

    502 free noise, hiss and crackle samples

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