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    Michael Kingston sets free RetroBand effect plugin for Windows and Mac


    Michael Kingston has announced that is now offering his RetroBand effect plugin for Windows and Mac as freeware.

    RetroBand models several interaction aspects of gain stages and transformers. It generates IMD and crossover distortions present especially in Class A/B gain stages. RetroBand also features several forms of transient shaping.

    RetroBand is a distortion unit at heart. It does warming, sharpening, roughing up, softening and smoothing – or all these combined. It may enrich sterile sound sources. Failing equipment can be easily simulated. With some luck it makes things sound larger than life. The transient enhanced distortion models with mid-side stereo controls can change or revive a stereo image.


    • Digital model of interaction between gain stages and transformers.
    • Three flexible distortion models with noise modulation.
    • Transient shaping within the distortion models.
    • Mid-side stereo image controls.
    • Advanced noise modes to imprint effects of noise on signal without the hiss and rumble.
    • 64-bit signal path with highly optimised algorithms.
    • RetroBand is available for Windows and Mac (VST only) via Michael Kingston.

    More info:

    RetroBand free effect plugin

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