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    Iridium Iris Software sets free Lethality Electric Guitar VSTi


    Iridium Iris Software has announced that its Lethality Electric Guitar VSTi (Win 32/ 64 bit) is now available as freeware. Lethality is an extremely playable and realistic instrument aimed for composers, video game arrangements and other massive productions.

    This electric guitar, virtual instrument was designed to be a true electric guitar. The goal was to create an easy to use rock & alternative guitar sound within a reasonable price.

    But we have decided to release the Lethality Electric Guitar VST plugin for FREE because we will not keep any support for this product any longer. And we will not update it anymore because we are working with focus on other plugins. You can find it for free at Iridium Iris Software.

    Lethality Electric Guitar VSTi contains all important articulations and effects to cover the span of alternative and rock genres:

    • Open / muted power chords Major and minor third.
    • Open / muted octave chords.
    • Open / muted refused chords.
    • Open / muted single notes.
    • Down / up or alternating strumming of chords.
    • Bending of single notes and chords with automation.
    • Pinch harmonic squeals.
    • Gain / distortion / fuzz control.
    • Palm mute algorithm with automation.
    • Hammer on / pull off.
    • Portamento / neck slide control with automation.
    • Strumming control with automation.
    • Unlimited velocity curve.
    • Full chokes (all strings mute).
    • Humanizer.
    • Dry/Air knob.
    • Patterns.
    • Added a new way to play solo notes
    • Possible to change velocity curve.

    In order to download Lethality Electric Guitar VSTi, a valid email address is necessary. Lethality Electric Guitar VSTi is available for Windows only (Win 32/ 64 bit).

    More info:

    Lethality Electric Guitar VSTi

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