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    The CoreStylerz release Dominus Player free VST instrument


    The CoreStylerz have released the Dominus Player, a free VST instrument for Windows based on Dominus Synthesizer VSTi. Dominus Player comes with a minimalistic user interface and is designed to be easy to use for quick music creation and inspiration.

    The player is able to load any Dominus soundbank or preset but without editing and new sound creation possibilities. Player still allows to control: Master volume, Filter frequencies and Filter resonance giving you the ability to automate those parameters inside your host or with your MIDI controller during live performances.

    Dominus Player brings to you the power of the Dominus softsynth in a free product.

    Dominus Player contains the entire engine of Dominus and the soundbank is indentical with the full synthesizer.

    The limitations are:

    • Sound edit and creation disabled
    • No automations except for Master volume, Filter frequency and Filter resonance

    Dominus Player free VST instrument is available via The CoreStylerz. No registration required.

    More info:

    Dominus Player free VST instrument

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