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    Ivory Bunker releases 4 new free sample packs – circuit bent instruments and field recordings


    Tomoroh Hidari aka Ivory Bunker, has announced the release of 4 new free sample packs featuring circuit bent instruments and field recordings.

    I’ve opened up the Ivory Bunker Samplepacks page a couple of months ago with the idea of sharing some of the sounds I’ve recorded or created over the last couple of years. I may have used some of those already and/or might in the future, but a lot of them are probably doomed to gather binary dust.

    Trusting that there are plenty creative people out there who can make good use of some sounds that go beyond the scope of most commercially (including the freebies coming with magazines) packs and libraries, I decided to start out with a focus on my collection of recordings of my DIY- and Circuit Bent Instruments and the like, as well as the occasional field recordings.

    The new packs are:

    • Samplepack 2: Waves Mallorca – Selections from field recordings of waves captured on Mallorca March 2013. Recorded with the built-in mics on a Zoom H4n and post processed for ideal results.
    • Samplepack 3: Atari Punk Console – Samples recorded from either Tomoroh Hidari’s Atari Punk Cassette Console or an Atari Punk Console Circuit built with two 555 chips on a breadboard.
    • Samplepack 4 Kid’s Electronic Lab – Recordings of circuits with the 30 in ONE Electronic Lab. All from Audio-related Experiments– simple oscillators, siren etc on a Maxitronic 30 in one kit.
    • Samplepack 5 The Poor Man’s Synthesizer – This sample pack contains 113 24bit/44.1kHz/mono wav files* sorted into four categories: Bass n Synth, Drones n FX, Loops and Percussive. These have to be read with a grain of salt, as those are probably not your classical construction kit variety sounds.

    More info:

    Ivory Bunker Samplepacks

    HighLife Samples

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