Brain Control has announced the release of version 4.0.1 of its Tunefish, a free virtual analog synthesizer instrument for Windows, Mac and Linux.

A patchrelease for Tunefish 4 was just finished. It fixes a series of bugs listed below. Thank you to everybody who helped testing.

As a side note I should mention I am looking for people to help design the factory soundset for TF4, since this is still very small so far.

Changes in v4.0.1:

  • When using no ADSR, instruments were cut immediatelly resulting in plopping. This is fixed.
  • ADSR zero decay will no longer cause volume go up and cause things like reverb crashes or host going to mute.
  • Saving an instrument caused the preset file to grow larger and larger due to appending instead of rewriting the contents.
  • Restore instrument button did not work.
  • Instrument count is now 1000.
  • ADSR1 will not cut the note if ADSR2 is still going.
  • Fixed Reverb width.

Tunefish 4 is available at no cost via Brain Control.

More info:

Tunefish v4.0.1 – free virtual analog synthesizer

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