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    Humanoid Sound Systems releases Enzyme Player free synthesizer plugin for Windows and Mac


    Humanoid Sound Systems has released the Enzyme Player, a free synthesizer plugin for Windows and Mac which contains the complete synthesis engine from the full (award-winning) Enzyme synth.

    It does not allow access to all of the parameters of the full version of Enzyme, and it does not allow the saving of presets. This means that it has the essentials for music creation but cannot be used for the full range of sound design that is possible with Enzyme.

    The synth uses a unique combination of wavetable and physical modeling synthesis to create rich, dynamic musical timbres. Hybrid Scanned / FM synthesis is also on offer for even more sonic possibilities.

    Video demo:

    Enzyme Player is ideal for creating rich pads and fat basses and is suitable for various music styles including dubstep, liquid dub, electro, trap and much more.

    In order to download it, a valid email address is required. You’ll receive two emails: one containing the key file and the other with the link for the Windows and Mac downloads (the download size for Windows is 267.9MB).

    More info:

    Enzyme Player free synthesizer plugin

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